About Us

GloveDock was created as an OEM technology to the snowsports industry. The patent-pending technology is now available to apparel manufacturers for integration into their jacket and glove designs. Integration occurs much like a zipper: a mounting flange is provided so that the device may be secured through sewing, adhesive or heat tape.

The device is standardized for sizing such that a male glove will always fit a male jacket, and the same holds true for female and junior sizes. This standardization allows for interchangeability between manufacturers such that glove-only manufacturers will fit jack-only manufacturers, and so forth.

The GloveDock system was created from a basic premise:

How do you make snow sports more fun?

Eliminating :glove hassle” is a first step. GloveDock does just that with a simple, one-step, repeatable action to get your gloves on right the first time, and adds by subtraction: increasing the enjoyment of skiing by taking away the issues we experience with traditional glove and jacket interfaces. Everyone has problems in creating a weather tight seal at the glove to jacket interface, struggling to get the gauntlet, ribbing, pull cords and other components to work together instead of against each other. Using patent pending technology, GloveDock creates a worry-free component interface that will have you wondering how we lived without it.

Kids that are new to the sport will find their focus on the art of skiing as opposed to being concerned about how cold their hands are from snow intrusion or heat loss. Veterans to the sport will marvel at the simplicity of action in securing the glove interface with GloveDock.

Thompson is committed to innovation in apparel technology, and GloveDock is the first of many new technologies that we will be introducing in the near future. While the technology is state-of -the-art, the goal is simple - focus on the sport.


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