Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Thompson Snowtech?


We are a manfacturer of OEM technology to the snowsports industry. The GloveDock System is sold directly to manufacturers of new snowsports apparel and is not a retrofit device.


What is GloveDock?


GloveDock is the patent pending component set comprised of jacket and glove-side interfaces. The components are light weight and durable and feature embedded magnets and proprietary shapes that orient and seat each side against the other, creating a weather resistant and thermally stable seal from the elements.


What are the customer benefits of using glove dock in our apparel

or gloves?


The hassle of getting a glove and jacket to fit correctly has been experienced by snowsport parcipitants both young and old, regardless of skill level. Children typically struggle with this forcing parents to spend time dealing with poorly fitting snow apparel and the frustration that accompanies it. GloveDock’s one-step seal provides a perfect fit and reliable security against the elements every time.



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